I am the creator of Raising Little Sparks, a lifestyle blog about raising kids with the Earth in mind, while doing my best to navigate all things motherhood on the East Coast of Canada.  Click here to see my 10 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste at Home post.

My family is the reason for everything I do.  I met my partner on New Years Eve 2012 and we have been all in ever since.  We have two amazing kids age 5 and 3, who we raise to love the Earth and each other.  Check out my post about How NOT to Prepare for Baby #2 here.  We are engaged to be married but have yet to set a date.

I started Raising Little Sparks to enlighten and connect with other stay at home mamas like myself, who are doing their best to raise happy, healthy and kind children in this wild world we call home.  Being a mother is, without a doubt, the hardest thing I have ever done.  From the sleepless nights, to teething, to temper tantrums, we all deserve some kind of medal for making it through.  But then they wrap their sweet arms around your neck and say “Mama”, you forget all of the harder moments and everything is worth it.

I am by no means an expert at being a mom, but I share my true self and portray my experiences in an honest way.  I hope you come here and stay so we can learn from each other along the way.

– Britanie

Raising Little Sparks