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How To Have A Low-Waste Baby

Bringing a baby into your family is a joyous time that often comes with tons of planning and shopping. I remember making lists and plans for all the things we needed when I was expecting our son. A lot of this was due to the fact that I wanted to find the “big ticket” items second hand to keep costs low and knowing what I was looking for from early on meant I could scope out deals on buy and sell groups and Kijiji. I have since brought two beautiful babies into the world and managed to keep costs and waste low.

Infant Feeding

I breastfed both of our kids and neither would really take a bottle, so feeding them for the first six months was literally zero waste. I had some bottles and acloth diapers. With my first I bought a few second hand and a few new diapers which got him to potty training at 2. We used the same stash plus a few new prints when our second babe came along. The large majority of the diapers are still usable even after all those months of us.

Some areas offer diaper service where they supply clean cloth diapers to you then pick up the soiled diapers once a week. Also in our province there is a cloth diaper lending service to provide a free set of diapers to families that want to cloth diaper, to be returned once they are done being used.

Second Hand Clothes

I love getting second hand baby clothes because they are always in such good condition. Babies go through sizes so quickly, that the same outfits can be worn by many babies and still look brand new. The best places to get baby clothes are thrift stores, buy and sell pages on Facebook and friends or family members with slightly older children.

Second Hand Baby Gear

While it is safer to buy some baby gear new (car seat, mattress), you can find other items used. Things like cribs, swings, bouncy chairs and high chairs can be found in good condition on Kijiji, buy and sell sites or friends and family. Just make sure you inspect every part of the item including fabric, buckles and plastic to be sure nothing is fraying or damaged.

Solid Feeding

After 6 months when babies start solids, you can continue being low waste by doing baby led weaning. This is where you feed baby the same things you are eating by cutting them the proper way. There are tons of resources on baby led weaning. My favorite is They have a great educational e-book on where to start with “BLW”.

If you choose not to do BLW, you can make your own baby food and store in these reusable pouches. We actually used these for toddler snacks later on.

What do you do to keep raising babies low waste? I would love to hear below.

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