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5 Easy Steps For a “Low Waste” Beginner

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I have adopted the term “low waste” to describe my lifestyle. Sure, many people use the term “zero waste”, but I honestly have some feelings about that. I don’t think, in our society being zero waste is fully attainable. To me, low waste means you make a conscious effort to be aware of and reduce the amount of waste your household produces. Making these five easy changes can start you on your sustainability journey too without having to step far from your comfort zone.

1. Use bar soap

Yep. Its as simple as choosing the bar soap option instead of the pump soap or body wash bottles. The most fun thing about bar soaps is the variety. Soap comes in so many cool shapes, smells and colors. Our current favorite is this Cucumber Calendula bar.

2. Bamboo toothbrush and silk dental floss

This is one of my favorite swaps and one of the first I recommend doing. Swapping out your plastic toothbrush and floss are so liberating. My favorite silk floss option is the Flosspot by KMH touches. Take it a step further and try these Crush & Brush toothpaste tablets.

3. Reusable coffee cup

Billions of disposable coffee cups are used and tossed every year. Getting your own reusable mug to fill at home or refill at your local coffee shop can cut down on a lot of disposable cups. In my experience, you are more likely to use your mug if you really love it, so find one that brings you joy.

4. Consider cloth towels

If you aren’t ready to give up paper towels I want you to consider using cloth towels for easy clean ups. Check out my post about converting to a paperless kitchen here. I keep paper towel for things like bacon grease and cleaning the cat litter box, but other than that I use cloth towels and wipes for easy jobs. Ratty old towels can be cut into smaller sizes rather than tossed out. Use them the same way you would use paper towel and see your paper towel usage go way down.

5. Learn how to sort waste properly

Taking the time to learn what goes where can reduce the amount of bags you put out on garbage day. We have an app where we can search anything we aren’t sure of and it tells us where to put the item. We are also lucky that we have green cart collection. If you are not in a place with this service and aren’t yet ready to jump into backyard composting, start with recycling to build your confidence in sorting then go from there.

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