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Low Waste Halloween: Trick or Treating

The spooky season is upon us and I am here to give some tips and tricks I use to keep Halloween waste minimal. One of the worst culprits? Trick-or-Treating. The kids love it, the parents love to hate it and the mini-wrappers are everywhere. It’s the one time of year where I have to control my eye twitch at all the trash and just go with it for the kids. But I am here to give you some different options to rethink what you hand out at your door this year.

Give out Loonies

 Lets face it, kids love candy, but they also love money.  One way to avoid waste at Halloween is to give Trick-or-Treaters loonies.  Just pop in the bank, grab a roll or 2 and you will likely save money since most candy is quite expensive.

Opt for candy in cardboard

Another option is to find candy that comes in cardboard boxes.  The boxes can be recycled or composted when done. There are budget friendly options like Smarties, and fancier more expensive options like Alter-Eco chocolate.

alter eco chocolate in cardboard packaging

Choose foil

In most areas, aluminum foil can be recycled as long as it is clean and balled up in a good size ball.  Giving out foil wrapped candies is a budget option because of stores like Bulk Barn. Like cardboard boxes, you can remind visitors to properly dispose of their waste after they are done.

bins of foil wrapped Halloween candy

If you know the family, go homemade

Where I am from, a lot of houses have a special group of Halloween visitors that may get a different treat (ie grandkids, family members, close friends)  For these trick or treaters, try making homemade goodies and placing them in paper bags. Try your hand at homemade peanut butter cups or some yummy cookies. You can even decorate these bags making them more festive.

What are you giving out for Halloween?

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  1. Great suggestions! I honestly have been feeling guilty about the candy I was giving out the past two years, and I had no idea how to find something more sustainable. I particularly like the idea of giving out loonies! I won’t be home this year, but will keep it in mind for next year!

    1. Britanie says:

      Where we live now its around back and no one comes so we mainly just have to deal with what the kids bring home. It is a hard one though cause all those mini chocolate bars.

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