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Low-Waste Halloween: Costumes

Dressing up for Halloween is one of those things kids look forward to all year. Having the chance to dress up as one of their favourite characters and collect treats is a kids dream come true. Buying a brand new costume that will likely only be worn for one evening is not the most sustainable route. Here are a few tips to make your Halloween costumes a bit more eco-friendly.

Hit up the thrift stores

We always have luck checking out thrift stores for costumes.  The price is right and if your kids are like mine, they like to dress up in costumes at home while playing, so it doesn’t break the bank to grab a couple options (since I know they will get their wear out of them).  We did a comparison of the costume my son wants this year and the brand new option was $39.99 plus tax. At Value Village, the used version was $6.99. Make sure you look for the rack of used costumes.

Make your own

If you are crafty, making your own costume is an option.  When my sister and I were younger, my mother and grandmother made us costumes.  This is a fun way to tackle Halloween. You can paint a cardboard box into a robot, or sew a princess gown. There is no limit of what you can make if you choose this route.

Use what you have

This is my favourite one, especially on Halloween when my kids insist that I dress up with them. When this happens, jump on Pinterest for some inspiration and take an inventory of your own items.  I can guarantee you can come up with something from what you already have, which is the most low waste and sustainable costume option of all. Last year on Halloween day, I decided to dress as Wednesday Adams. Black leggings and tunic, check. Long braids, check. Pale skin with dark eye makeup, check. I didn’t have to buy a thing and was instantly recognisable while out and about.

What are your low-waste costume tricks?

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  1. Great tips! We are definitely big fans of making costumes ourselves and/or thrifting!

    1. Britanie says:

      we really lucked out with thrift shopping for costumes this year

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