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5 Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Yes, it is almost here. The day to honour all the maternal figures in your life. My favourite part of Mother’s Day growing up was spending time with my own mom and grandmothers and giving them a special gift. We would always decorate each of them a cake and gift it with a homemade card and photo of my sister and I. Now that I am the mama, I love spending the day relaxing with my babies, while neglecting the usual chores I get up to during the day.

We still give our mothers gifts from ourselves and the kids. Here are some ideas if you are stumped on what to get your mom for Mother’s Day:

two women smiling
My mom and I

Something sweet

Like I mentioned above, we always gave cakes as gifts. As a person who likes to reduce waste and our impact on the environment, a great way to gift sweets is to visit a local bakery or farmer’s market the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Bring a decorative basket lined with a cloth and fill it with delectable goodies for mom.

I am a total chocolate lover, like so many other mamas, so receiving the gift of fancy chocolates is always welcomed as a gift.


Whether your mom has a green thumb or not, plants make a great gift in the Spring. A colourful hanging basket of flowers or some transplants of some of her favourite plants are sure to bring her joy. Take it up a notch by spending the time to help her with her garden if she has one.


Smile Brilliant tooth mold case and syringe of whitening gel

It has always been around, but finally has a name for that thing most mamas neglect but need to take time for. A gift card for a spa service or full spa day makes sure your mom puts herself first for once. Another great self-care gift for the coffee loving mama is a teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant. I have tried it to mitigate coffee stains from my over-consumption (definitely due to motherhood) and after showing off my results, I have had lots of people interested in the kit. For 15% off any order, use code raisinglittlesparks15. Scroll to the bottom for a chance to win a custom whitening kit for yourself or to give your mother.


Gift-giving is shifting away from traditional items more towards experience gifts. I know as a mom, I would love an evening out once a week to take part in a class or event. Some class ideas your mom might like are cooking, art or yoga. Another popular event she may love is a paint night or plant night.

Something Homemade

globe and plant pot
For instructions on how to make your own decorative coffee cup pot visit @therealmamasofinsta

The sentiment and work behind a homemade gift is priceless. I love to make handicrafts like crochet or knitted items. The kids love to make cards or paint pictures for their grandmothers. I recently saw a great idea from Amy @therealmamasofinsta for reusing old coffee cups that may otherwise end up in the garbage and I thought it would make a beautiful mother’s day gift.


The last giveaway was so successful, I have teamed up with Smile Brilliant to give one lucky reader a $149 Smile Brilliant credit (the value of a custom whitening kit).


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