7 Reasons Why You Should Attend A Saltscapes Expo

The people from the East Coast of Canada have always been known for their fierce local pride.  This is why when I first heard about the Saltscapes Expo, I just had to check it out.  Where else would you find the best in hospitality, tourism, food and makers from all over our great corner of the country, all convened in the same building?

This year’s expo will be held on April 26 – 28 at a the Halifax Exhibition Center.  Last year was the best Saltscapes Expo I have ever attended so I decided to compile this list to show people who have yet to attend, just what they are missing out on.

Back at the Old Venue

In the past, the expo was held at Halifax Exhibition Center and this year it is back.  The biggest plus of this venue is the ample parking.  This is so necessary because thousands of people gather for the expo.  The different rooms allow for you to see everything without any overcrowding.  People really love this venue and are excited it is back here this year.

Tasty Food Samples

When you reach the Taste of Nova Scotia section at the expo, prepare yourself to try some amazing local foods.  From various cheeses, to steamed mussels and oysters, you really get a taste of the Maritimes.

Local Alcohol Samples

Along with the delicious food samples, comes tasters of the many local breweries, wineries and distilleries.  If you don’t pace yourself, it would be easy to feel a little buzzed after trying all the alcohol samples.  My favorite Nova Scotian cider is Bulwark Original, but when I visited their booth, I stepped out of my usual and tried the gold cider.

Plan Your Summer Vacation in One Stop

At Saltscapes, it is easy to figure out where you want to spend your summer vacation.  Tourism departments from every city, town and county from all the maritime provinces are there to show you what makes their area the best to visit.  Some even sweeten the deal with free passes to attractions in their towns.

Tons For the Kids

The Saltscapes Expo isn’t just for adults.  There are lots of things for kids to take part in as well.  This year was my three year old sons third expo and my one year old daughters second.  The local 4H club has farm animals so the little ones can get up close and the dog shows are also a big hit.  A lot of the booths have prizes and trinkets for kids, so they all leave with a heaping bag of new goodies.

Fun Seminars About Local Interests

The multiple stages spread out around the expo give people the opportunity to listen to watch demonstrations and listen to speakers talk about various local interests.  There are lots of cooking demonstrations, with a taste test for audience members.  You can also hear talks about farming, gardening and how to put your maritime twist on cooking.

Prize draws

One of the coolest things about Saltscapes Expo is that most booths have some sort of prize draw or giveaway.  I will admit, it does involve a lot of writing on ballots, but it is worth it.  Last year my sister won a pair of custom orthotic shoes.  This year, I won 25 pounds of fresh caught lobster!

If any of what you just read intrigues you, I highly suggest you like Saltscapes Magazine’s  facebook page to keep updated on when Saltscapes Expo 2019 is being held.

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