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Easter Basket Gift Guide for Young Kids


Easter is fast approaching, but unlike other holidays, I am stress-free and mainly excited.  The actual meaning of Easter aside, the holiday to me is about the coming of Spring and new beginnings.  Growing up, on Easter my sister and I would always receive outdoor toys like skipping ropes and sidewalk chalk at the end of our bunny trails.  These types of gifts made it so exciting to kiss the chilly, cold winter goodbye and say hello to Spring.

This year, with a 4 and 2-year-old, I am taking a different approach to Easter Baskets.  I do my best at home to limit the amount of waste we produce and keep the budget in check.  Besides saving their same baskets from the last 2 years and avoiding the fake grass filler, here are my ideas of cute Easter gifts for young kids.


 Splash suits

As much as I do love spring, the wet and muddy ground isn’t always fun when it comes time to do laundry.  I was able to find matching red Splashy Suits for both kids on a local group buy.  They are perfect to wear over their clothes to keep them clean but still allow them to play in the elements.

Gardening supplies

Last Summer my son was obsessed with his small garden.  I know my daughter will feel the same, so in both of their Easter baskets this year they will get peat pots, garden tools and their own gardening gloves (which may or may not actually be used).  Being involved in growing their own food and flowers is a highlight to the season.

Bike Helmets

I take proper safety gear very seriously, especially when the kids ride on our pavement patch yard.  Where I would buy a bicycle second-hand, I prefer to purchase new helmets when they are needed.  If a helmet is cracked or shows damage it most likely will not do what it is meant to do, so better to be safe than sorry.  Both kids needed a helmet as Kain had outgrown his last and Luna has never had one of her own.  I can’t wait to see their faces when they see their shark helmets.


You can never go wrong with giving books as gifts.  I always have my eyes out for interesting books at thrift stores and yard sales and you can tell by looking at our bookshelves.  For holiday gifts, I like to give a special book or two to each child based on their current interests.  For Kain it is dinosaurs.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

You probably have seen me mention bamboo toothbrushes a time or two in blog posts or on my Instagram.  My children received their first bamboo toothbrushes last Easter and were so excited.  Hopefully they will be just as excited again this year.

Summer Accessories

Younger kids grow so fast, it is sometimes hard to keep up with clothing and accessories.  If you know last years sun hats are outgrown, this makes a great addition to your child’s Easter basket.  I also like to include sunglasses.


If you know me, you know I am hitting up Bulk Barn with my own containers to buy Easter Candy.  A lot of the plastic waste from Easter comes from candy wrappers.  In some cities, if you ball the foil from the foil wrapped candies together you can recycle it, but so far my city is a no for this.  

Easter baskets filled with gifts for children
The living room after the Easter Bunny visited in April 2018

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