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Cloth Diapers: 5 Reasons We Chose To Use Them

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cloth diapers hung on a clothesline

When Kain was first born, we lived in an apartment and used the communal laundry rooms. Between baby showers and diaper parties, we didn’t have to buy diapers at all for the first 6 months. At that point, we had purchased an apartment size washer and our first few cloth diapers. The initial plan was to try them out at home to see if I thought it was something we could do. We were hooked and here are some reasons why:

Less Garbage

Babies pee and poop a lot. Especially at first. We were putting anywhere from 8 to 12 diapers a day into the trash. When we switched to cloth we still used disposable wipes, but with our second baby we used the ridiculous amount of baby wash cloths we had received as wipes. The amount of household garbage was significantly reduced by changing to cloth diapers.

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baby wearing cloth diaper
Luna’s first time in a cloth diaper.

They aren’t like old school cloth diapers

When most people think of cloth diapers, they think of cotton flats, diaper pins and dunking and swishing. Although flat diapers are still around, cloth diapers have come a long way in convenience and ease. All-in-one diapers are just that, all-in-one. Although they take a little longer to dry, they don’t involve any extra effort. We have used pocket and fitted diapers. Pockets have to be stuffed with some type of absorbent insert. We use hemp bamboo blend as well as some microfiber inserts. For night time I also stuff with a prefold for extra absorbency.

8 new cloth diaper prints
Some brand new prints we added to our stash for Luna

They cost less in the long run

Some people say they can’t switch to cloth because of the huge up front expense. Not going to lie, some cloth diapers on the market are very expensive. The diapers that we use are about $6 a piece and have lasted through two babies. I have also found some second hand diapers along the way, disinfected them and added them into our rotation. I think between two kids I have spent about $200 on our cloth diapers, which is amazing considering how much we would have spent on disposables over two years.

They are adorable

The patterns and prints available for cloth diapers are so cute. You can pretty much get a pocket diaper with any character or design on it, so they can literally be your baby’s fashion statement. The diapers we bought for Kain were more neutral or masculine like Spiderman, Spongebob and moustaches. Luna used those same diapers, but over time we added a few more feminine prints to our rotation.

Baby standing up holding on to the side of a playpen
Kain wearing an adorable dinosaur print diaper

The are reusable and repairable

The diapers I purchased are the cheapest most affordable cloth diapers on the market. I have made them work for two children. The more expensive brands of cloth diapers often have an even longer lifespan than the ones I own. The awesome thing about diapers is they are repairable. If you have a diaper that has a loose elastic and can sew, you can easily do the repair yourself. If you have ever considered cloth diapering but felt intimidated or that it wasn’t possible, buy a handful of used diapers and do a test run. Used diapers can be easily prepped with disinfecting bleach. This way you can try before you buy. Also for those who have the higher end diapers, they have a resale value so you end up recouping some of the initial investment when you are done with the diapers.

Why not?

Like a lot of things in life, cloth diapering does not have to be a 100% commitment. Lots of people choose to use disposable diapers at night or when going on trips. The way I see it, any amount of disposable diapers not placed into the landfill is a major plus for our environment. Why not give it a try and see how uncomplicated cloth diapering can be?

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