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Why Choosing A Real Christmas Tree Is Best For The Environment

**This post is in partnership with The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia, all opinions are my own

“It doesn’t feel like Christmas until you have a real tree”

My most beloved tradition in early December is getting our Christmas tree.  As an eco-conscious family, we always opt to get a real tree for the Holidays.  The smell of the tree lot, meeting the local farmers, then tying the tree on the roof of the car for its trip home is all part of the fun.  Nothing smells more like Christmas to me than a real tree.  My fiance always says, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas until you have a real tree”.

 Our 2017 selection, a Van’t Hof’s Lunenburg County tree

Setting up the tree in our living room is the part the kids love best.  We sort out ornaments and test the lights, while Dad stands the tree in the perfect spot.    The cats are also ecstatic when the tree is up because a tree skirt makes a great hiding place and I know for at least a month they will stay out of trouble.  The joy from a Christmas tree is felt by people of all ages.  Cozy evenings with the lights of the tree filling the house are what December is all about.

“I like picking a real tree not a plastic one” – Kain, 4 years old

Did you know that while you sit back enjoying your Nova Scotia tree, you have contributed to an industry that supports 1,100 families?  The Christmas tree industry in Nova Scotia contributes $52 million to the local economy.  Supporting local is important to me, which is another reason why we choose a real tree.

Luna’s first Christmas, 2017. She was mesmerized by the lights

For a family that likes to choose the option with the least environmental impact, a real tree is the way to go.  Artificial trees take lots of resources to manufacture, ship and sell.  Once their branches droop or the fake needles fall off, they sit in landfills.  Real trees are grown within our province, which contributes to our local economy.  The Christmas Tree industry in Nova Scotia is fully sustainable, with one to three new trees being planted for each one cut down.  When you are done with your real tree, it is easily composted or recycled, making it a valid zero waste option.

As the holidays approach, consider choosing a real tree, if you don’t already.  For more information about the Christmas Tree industry in Nova Scotia and real trees click here.

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