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20 Eco-friendly Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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In our house, the first thing we open Christmas morning is our stockings.  These little socks have the potential to hold a lot of waste.  Mindfully planning out what to include in stockings can reduce the Christmas morning waste and can be lots of fun.  It is a great baby step into an eco-friendly holiday.

For the kids

1.  Bamboo toothbrushes

A perfect eco-friendly alternative to the traditional toothbrush.  Brush With Bamboo is my favorite brand.  They sell both adult and kids size toothbrushes.

2.  Floss pot

I have recently discovered the floss pot by KMH Touches Inc.  The silk floss is compostable making it a great choice for the environment.

3.  Fun soaps

Washing up might not be your child’s favorite thing, but with fun soaps bath time will be awesome.  Find soap bars with bright colors or toys hidden inside, which is an added incentive for keeping clean.

4.  Rechargeable batteries

Although I do my best to avoid battery operated toys, it is inevitable to end up with a few in your house.  To reduce the battery trash, stick some rechargeable batteries in their stockings.

5.  Seeds 

Growing something is fun for all ages.  Throw a couple of seed packets into your kids stocking and teach them about the responsibility it takes to grow plants.  You might end up with a little gardener.

6.  Eco crayons / crayon rocks

Natural crayons made of beeswax or soy wax are a great eco-friendly art supply to give your kids.  I like these crayons by eco-kids.

7.  Movie passes

My favorite place to buy movie passes is Costco.  This time of year Cineplex also offers incentives for buying movie cards.  To make it truly zero waste, opt to purchase and e-gift card so no paper or plastic is used.

8.  Museum passes

A family favorite for us are museum days.  Our pick in Halifax is the Discovery Center.  I love to give the gift of experience wherever I can.

9.  Reusable water bottle

My kids are obsessed with their water bottles.  Look for stainless steel bottles like these.  Having a reusable water bottle eliminates the need to buy plastic bottles and cuts down on having to buy drinks when out of the house.   It is a perfect eco-friendly gift.

10.  Stainless steel or bamboo straws with brush

Eliminating plastic straws is so easy with these waste-free substitutes.  My kids are obsessed with their straws and love helping to wash them with the straw brush.  You can find them in sets online like this, but it is also really common to find them in store now that many places are eliminating plastic straws.

11.  Handkerchief

This one may not appeal to everyone, but hankies are a great zero waste alternative to tissues.  I like this pattern to hand-sew your own handkerchiefs.  Bonus points if you can find a funky fabric or one with your kid’s favorite characters.

12.  Books

My kids love books, so when they open books on Christmas morning they cannot wait to read them.  I like to give them books based on their interests.  This year Luna loves birds and Kain loves robots.  The majority of books we have are second-hand, which reduces the costs and is good for the environment, giving them a second life.

13.  Homemade play-dough

Let’s face it, kids love play-dough.  The thing about it that I can’t stand is the smell.  An alternative is to make your own.  You can designate a container to keep play-dough fresh and in one spot when it is not in use.

14.  Handmade hats and mittens

If you can knit or crochet, this can be a pretty easy and cheap gift.  My kids love getting crochet hats with character ears and appliques.

15.  Hot chocolate

On Christmas morning, we always have hot chocolate while opening gifts.  You can easily create a homemade hot chocolate powder in a small mason jar using sugar and cocoa powder.  Top it with marshmallows and it’s a perfect treat.

16.  Hand-crank flashlight

These types of flashlights are so fun for kids.  The first time my son powered up the light by cranking the handle he was so excited.  I love the red Ikea flashlight (which is found in the kids section) or this one.

17.  “Green Toys”

What I love about Green Toys, is that they are made from recycled milk jugs and are dishwasher safe.  They have a great assortment of toys and are perfect big and small kids.

18.  Peg dolls

I love to give small wooden toys each year that can be customized by our kids.  Peg dolls are a perfect small toy that you can paint or dye into whatever character you like.

19.  Bamboo utensil kit

To avoid plastic utensils when outside the house, carrying your own reusable set is a great alternative.  Including them for the kids reduces their needs for any single use plastics when you are on the go.

20.  Homemade or bulk treats

At Christmas time you can guarantee there will be lots of treats around.  Throw some extra special ones in a small mason jar or container.  This is great for some pre-breakfast snacks.  I am all for eating what you want on Christmas, so candy is not off limits.

Do you have any other ideas for fun eco-friendly stocking stuffers?  Share them with me below.

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