How to NOT Prepare For Baby #2 – Rethinking ALL of The Things

With many of my friends having new babies in the last month, I felt compelled to revisit what I did and share how to prepare for baby #2.  Let me tell you, it was the exact opposite of the first time around.

As a first time mama, it was easy to get carried away with the preparations for baby.  When I was pregnant the first time, I was consumed with what I considered were the necessary checklists.  From all the big-ticket items, clothes, toys, etc.  I was able to lay back on my couch and do research and plan out what we “needed” to buy for our baby.  We were frugal with many of our purchases but also had two baby showers, so the amount of tiny outfits was endless.

 First time parents documenting the occasion with maternity photos done by our friend.

When we actually got home with Kain and spent the first month getting used to having a baby around.  We quickly began to notice all the things we DIDN’T use.  Mostly things I thought were essential for caring for a baby.

Fast-forward about 20 months and I found out I was expecting my second baby.  This time my pregnancy felt like third in line for my attention.  1. Kain, 2. trying to keep food and water down on the daily.  This time, when not power-puking, I planned out what I would NOT need for the baby.

A clear difference from the first pregnancy shot. Dirty mirror, toys all over and taking the photo myself.

Baby Holding Gadgets
With Kain, we had them all.  A swing, a bouncy seat on each level of the house, a playpen, exersaucer, etc.  Although we did use the swing fairly often for the first couple months, the other things were generally unused.  When Luna came along, her favorite place to be, when not in my arms, was next to a window on a fluffy blanket on the floor.  Her and I both loved the simplicity of this.  It greatly reduced the risk of brother knocking her out of a swing or bouncer (which probably would have happened because he was absolutely obsessed with his sister).  I used a bouncy seat outside when she was really young, but other than that our living room remained baby gadget free.
Baby Carriers
Never, I mean NEVER underestimate the power of a great baby carrier.  Especially with two children, a carrier can be a life saver.  Kain was two and a half when Luna came, so initially we still had a lot of quality time to play together since she slept so much.  Once she was a couple of months old, we were able to venture out on longer outings because Luna was super comfortable being wrapped or carried on my chest.  I used the same organic cotton Ergo I had for Kain as well as a couple wraps.  Once you figure out how to nurse in a carrier there really is no stopping you.

Babywearing with a woven wrap. We were able to take in Open Farm Day because of a laid back baby who loved to be wrapped.

Baby Outfits
The biggest problem about having 5 million outfits for baby, is that you literally would have to change them 5 times a day just to use them all.  People cannot resist tiny outfits because I mean there are so many cute ones.  Some people may say that you can never have enough clothes for a baby, but I beg to differ.  As a mama, expect laundry, but if you can keep on top of it, there really is no need for more than 5 onesies in a particular size.  My whole life I have been guilty of having too many clothes.  Naturally with Kain, we had drawers and drawers full of clothes, still with tags on, that no longer fit because we just had too much.  With Luna, I made sure to keep the number of items down and only buy what she actually needed (which takes so much restraint, because little “girl” clothes are ridiculously adorable).
Feeding Supplies
In all honesty, it will be a few months before you start using a high chair for your baby.  Making it a lesser priority in the beginning takes a load off of your mind.  If your older child is still using a high chair, then you have that time to figure out if you are going to move them out of it by the time baby needs it, or if you need to purchase a second seat.  Also, depending on how close in age your kids are and what style of feeding you do, you may or may not need a couple extra plates, bowls and utensils.  Kain was not using a high chair by the time Luna came along, so that was not an issue.  With both of our kids, we did baby led weaning, so we literally didn’t need anything extra when Luna reached 6 months and was ready for food.  We already had so many smaller bowls, plates and tiny utensils, that the kids shared.

First food for little Miss, broccoli! She loved it by the way.

Hospital Room
Seriously, this is the opposite of what you should do!  Private room is worth every penny, because it’s just that, private.  With Kain, we had no extra insurance but were placed in a semi-private room.  Although better than the ward, we still felt cramped, and our roommates had many visitors, making it impossible to actually rest.  We had semi-private coverage when we had Luna, but were able to pay the difference to go private.  It was the BEST decision.  The room was so spacious, which allowed us to have visitors, but not feel cramped in.  Also having your own bathroom is amazing, so you don’t have to carry your post-birth supplies back and forth every time.

The first time big brother held little sister. This is the moment their true love started. Hopefully they are always so close.
Just like every baby is different, every diaper brand is too.  What works for a chunky baby may not work for a thin one.  For both of my kids, when they were in disposable diapers, pampers worked best.  We tried other brands but always came back to pampers.  If you are planning on stocking up on diapers, make sure you have a mixture of sizes and brands.  Also keep receipts so you can return or exchange once you know which brand is your brand.

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