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Happy Father’s Day to You

I remember the nervous excitement on your face when we found out that we were becoming parents.  It was the day before your 27th birthday and you said it was the best gift you ever received.  I was so scared, but you were there to encourage me and help to mentally and physically prepare for what was to come.  We attended all of the prenatal and breastfeeding classes together.  When my nesting urge kicked in, you were there scrubbing the house beside me because it all HAD to be done.


On the day of Kain’s birth, you were scared, but did a good job hiding it from me.  I recall the tears of joy we both shared when he was safely delivered and placed on my chest.  My favorite memory of you those first days is when you cuddled him skin to skin in our hospital room for hours.  I could see how happy you were to be cradling your new son and he was perfect.


Two years later, Luna was about to make her great arrival.  I remember the sweet words of encouragement you spoke to me. “Just one more push, then we will meet our beautiful girl”.  And beautiful she was, and again, we were instantly in love.  Our amazing girl, earning the name we chose for her months before.

Here we are, on your fourth Father’s Day.  Our two little miracles love you so much, as do I.  Their faces light up when you get home from work every morning.  Although it is often a struggle, with you working night shift, we make it work however we can.

We love you,

Happy Father’s Day Daddy

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