12 Places To Check Out On iLoveLocal Halifax Open City Day 2018

If you are looking for something to do in Halifax this Saturday, May 12, prepare yourself to be amazed.  It is that time of year again.  iLoveLocal Halifax is putting on their Open City Day and over 100 local restaurants and businesses are taking part!  There literally is something for everyone.

Stopping for a rest at Grande Parade on Barrington Street on iLoveLocal Halifax Open City Day 2017. Baby Luna enjoyed the day at 2 months old. Notice the chocolate remaining on Kain’s mouth from the delicious elcair from The Old Apothecary.

This is the third year in a row that my sister and I have taken the kids and explored our city in a way we don’t usually have the chance to.  When I look at the lineup, I like to make it go alphabetical by street name so we can hit up multiple places in one stop and only have to find parking once.  Here are 10 of the places I am excited to check out this Open City Day:

North End
1.  Chainyard Urban Cidery (2606 Agricola Street)
Free cider tasting! Sign me up!  I have never been a beer drinker, but cider on the other hand is my new favorite alcoholic beverage.  I love trying new local ciders and I have never been to Chainyard.
2.  Compass Distillers (2533 Agricola Street)
Compass Distillers is another example of locally made alcohol in the North End.  They are offering two free tastings of any of their 8 spirits on Open City Day.
3.  Smith’s Bakery (2525 Agricola Street)
When I was reading off the food stops to my son he really perked up at this one, so we will definitely be stopping here Saturday.  At Smith’s Bakery their backdoor takeout offering is fun sized cheesy pizza, which sounds like my sons dream come true.
4.  Halifax Seed Company (5840 Kane Street)
This was one of our favorite stops the last two years.  Halifax Seed is offering an opportunity for kids to plant a flower to take home from 10-2.  Our flowers from Open City Day have been an awesome addition to our patio every summer.
South Park
5.  Halikids (1445 South Park Street)
We are really excited for this stop.  The Toymaker of Lunenberg will be having a make your own wooden beaded toy station.  I love that this is a hands-on activity for the kids.
6.  Humani-T Cafe (1451 South Park Street or 5755 Young Street)
The gelato at Humani-T Cafe is a local favorite.  This Saturday they are offering custom-built gelato cookie sandwiches for $5 from 11 am to 10 pm.  My sister always wants to stop here and we always forget, so this year it is on our list for sure.
Barrington Street

7.  Downtown Business Commission
Another stop that is exciting for the kids is the family friendly fair put on by the Downtown Business Commission.  They will have face painting, popcorn and live music from 11-3.
8.  The Old Apothecary (1549 Barrington Street)
One of our traditional stops on Open City Day is The Old Apothecary for an eclair.  This year they are again offering an eclair and Vietnamese coffee for $5.75.  You won’t be disappointed!
9.  Uncommon Grounds (1237 Barrington Street, 1030 South Park Street, Public Gardens)
As a mom of two small kids, coffee is a lifeline.  I love trying different coffee shops, so I am excited to try Uncommon Grounds special, $2.50 lattes!
At the old Discovery Center for Open City Day 2016.  This was our last time here before they moved to their new location on the Halifax Waterfront.
10.  Bishop’s Cellar (1477 Lower Water Street)
The best Nova Scotia wine I have ever had is Nova 7 by Benjamin Bridge.  For this reason, we will be stopping at Bishop’s Cellar for their free Nova 7 and local cheese tasting.
11.  Sands @ Salter
The forecast for Saturday is sunny and 13 degrees, so we will for sure be stopping along the Waterfront for $1 slushies from 11-3 because what kid doesn’t love slushies!?
12.  Halifax Seaport (1209 Marginal Road)
The Seaport Market is a traditional Saturday morning stopping place on a regular day, but on Open City Day, many of the vendors have special offerings.  Also the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, which is located next to the Seaport Market, is having their open campus “Artist for a Day” event from 10 to 3.

So there it is, the 12 stops we will for sure be hitting up on Open City Day 2018.  With over 130 businesses taking part, their likely will be more food and fun for us.  We are looking forward to seeing other Haligonians out on Saturday!

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